“Viewpoints” is a collection of articles from different geographical regions discussing Town Gown interactions.”

NUS: Harmony between town and gown
June 2007 UK

This week the National Union of Students launched its ‘Students in the community: working together to achieve harmony’ report, writes NUS president Gemma Tumelty. It responds to the challenges of ‘studentificiation’ and explains how students and students union can contribute to positive local communities. The NUS wants to see balanced communities. We’re not necessarily convinced it’s best for students to make up 75% of the population of any road, but legislating for this is unfair, impractical, not a long-term solution. Continue reading

Best Practice Communities

Action Sandy Hill  (CAN)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  ( Major HEI: University of Ottawa, Enrolment 30,000 )

Action Sandy Hill (ASH) is a volunteer-led, community association that represents and promotes Sandy Hill.  We envision a culturally and economically diverse, vibrant, safe, heritage, environmentally healthy, and caring residential neighborhood within the greater Ottawa area.  We are collaborative, consultative and optimistic.Amongst a wide variety of activities, ASH: Continue reading

College Town Economics

university impact

university investment economicUniversities Are Essential to Recovery
A TownGown World Article
by C. D. Mote, Jr.- President, University of Maryland
June, 2009 USA

In the midst of major recession, the vital impact of research universities on state and regional economies gains added importance.  Universities accomplish three tasks essential to recovery: Prepare students to compete for quality jobs; deliver economic development far beyond campus; position states to compete for the jobs, businesses, and partnerships recovery will bring. Higher education delivers critical knowledge and skills needed to secure the best jobs. It prepares people for jobs that don’t yet exist, in industries that have yet to be founded. Continue reading